Here’s my 2023 Silver Bullion Goals!!! #GOLD #SILVER #COPPER facebook: email: [email protected] Instagram: I’m not a professional anything & simply give my personal advice for entertainment & thought provoking purposes. Hope you enjoy the show! An example of topics covered by this channel: silver, gold, platinum, bullion, silver bullion, gold bullion, stacking, silver stacking, gold stacking, stacking silver, stacking gold, European stacking, stacking in Europe, stacker community, silver bars, gold bars, silver coins, gold coins, platinum coins, silver rounds, silver medals, coin silver, coin collecting, collector coins, constitutional silver, junk silver, silver spot price, gold spot price, silver premiums, gold premiums, silver investment, gold investment, platinum investment, investing in silver, investing in gold, precious metals, silver price, gold price, silver price 2021, gold price 2021, silver investment strategies, gold investment strategies, budgeting, planning, stacker, collector, prepper, prepping, silver safety and security, gold safety and security, storing gold, storing silver, fractional gold, fractional silver, fractional platinum, the best silver to buy, the best gold to buy, buying silver, buying gold, buying platinum, selling silver, selling gold, selling platinum, buying silver bullion, buying gold bullion, poured silver, silver pouring, stamping silver, numismatics, numismatic coins, semi numismatic coins, collectable bullion, coin grading, slabbed coins, unboxing silver, unboxing gold, unboxing, silver foundation, gold foundation, testing for fake gold, testing for fake silver, testing for fake platinum, specific gravity test, sovereigns, gold maples, silver maples, silver Philharmonic, gold Philharmonic, Krugerrand, silver giveaways, silver GAW, Kookaburra, Kangaroo, Britannia, American Silver Eagle, Maple Leaf, Royal Mint, Perth Mint, Royal Canadian Mint, Royal Australian Mint, silver toning, silver milk spots, vacuum sealing silver, antiquing silver, stacker 2021, Libertads, La Casa de Moneda de Mexico, Banco de Mexico, Rum, Pirates, Copper, treasure chests

23 Replies to “Silver Stacking Goals for 2023!”

  1. 30 ounces is nice. Especially if you gain that on every year for 5-10 years. Definitely a good investment. I’m going between Money Metal Exchange and Gainesville Coins grabbing silver.

  2. I was saving up for a down payment too hopefully I’ll be able to accomplish this Market’s kind of crazy right now

  3. You had me at the background display! I wish you the best of luck in 2023 and am stoked to hear you venture into numismatics more.

  4. I think gold is great but I still believe silver to be the play. I think in 2023 silver will actually lead. That being said, all metals are going up next year. Great video bro, Aargh!

  5. I generally like to add somewhere between 50 to 100 ounces of Silver per year to my stack, and I generally buy something like 5 to 8 ounces a month. Usually, I’m able to buy a half ounce or more of Gold each year as well, mostly with money saved throughout the year and then anytime I happen to get a few hours of overtime. Since I’m on a budget to begin with, any overtime I happen to get is literally extra money that can go straight to my stack. I usually don’t get more than 20 or 30 hours of overtime in any given year, but that’s usually enough to buy some Gold, some extra Silver, or even a little of both. I’m needing to add ASEs, which is hard to do at current prices. I’m also needing to add 1 ounce bars, Washington quarters, and the Rosie & Mercury dimes. I’m a little light on all of those, and I’m also adding the 1/4 ounce Eagles and 1/10 ounce Eagles as best I can. I have no problems with you adding only 30 ounces of Silver. Everyone stacks differently and for different reasons. The only problem I would have is if you said you were going to stack a single metal, which I think is a mistake. I would always have some amount of Gold and some amount of Silver, pretty much no matter what happened. That’s also why I would stack in multiple fractional sizes when it comes to Gold. I have no problem with someone buying a full ounce coin, but I think only having full ounces of Gold is a mistake. Anyway, I wouldn’t worry about your choice of 30 ounces being too small. That’s a decent amount, particularly for those of us who are using limited funds. As long as your stack is growing, however fast or slow, I think you ought to be happy about that. Keep stacking & have a Happy New Year!

  6. Why sell your pours b/c you are worried about family taking a loss when they sell them in favor of Morgan’s that don’t even say they have any silver in them?

    1. YES, exactly that. Morgans can be looked up and are a very known quantity. Poured silver gets lowballed even when you know exactly what you have. I can and have sold Morgans for profits much more so than anything poured. Live and learn…

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