Can it be true? Are the Silver Price Premiums on 1oz American Silver Eagles FINALLY coming down? In today’s video we take a look at multiple online retailers to see what they’re selling 2023 1oz Silver Eagles for (pre-orders) as well as random any-date Silver Eagles, and we compare that to the Silver Price to see what their Premiums are! Check out SD Bullion’s 500 Silver Eagle Monster Box Sweepstakes! ▶ Take a look at what’s in the 100,000 Subscriber Silver Chest! ▶ Did you like this video? Don’t forget to hit the like button and leave a comment to let me know! Want to Support the Channel? —————————————————- ▶ Become a Channel Member! – Channel Memberships include awesome benefits for supporting the channel, so be sure to click and check them out!s Get your Silver and Gold Coin Ping Tester! ▶ *This is an affiliate link, so buying a Ping Tester through this link supports the channel! Check out my Online Store for Silver, Collectibles and more! ▶ Curious about the equipment I use for my videos? Visit this link to find out what I use in my setup! ▶ Check out these Epic Links Below! _________________________________ ▶SUBSCRIBE! ▶INSTAGRAM! ▶DISCORD! ▶My Website: ▶My Patreon! ▶Disclaimer: ________________________________ Credits: Silver Price Premiums on Silver Eagles Crashing?!? #silverprice #silvereagle #silvercoins

19 Replies to “Silver Price Premiums on Silver Eagles FINALLY Dropping?!?”

  1. I’m all in if they get to $2.50 over spot. Otherwise, they can keep them. Sorry. I will never recover the premium and I won’t pay it.

  2. That’s still an absurdly high premium. I wouldn’t turn them down if I won them, but as high as the markup is, it seems like more of a collector’s item than anything else to me.

  3. The premiums for silver started to rise after Wallstreet bets tried to corner the silver market. Just keep buying silver until there isn’t any more to buy.

    1. That’s also why you have to make sure to never go to a LCS on a raid day. Unless you’re a regular and they treat you right you’ll probably pay more on raid day

  4. I have been using bullion exchange for a lot of mine, and they seem to be lower than all those maybe should added to the list please.

  5. If you wait until spring to buy, there will be a big silver announcement that will cause the price to drop dramatically. Sell now, wait to buy in spring. 😉

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