2022 has been a difficult year, but 2023 is shaping up to be even tougher. Today I’ll cover some of the developing trends we need to prepare for in the coming year. 💰 Great prices on silver bullion at SD Bullion ► 🧼 Use coupon code “stacker” to save 10% on nanosilver powered personal care products from Silver Botanicals ► 🟢 Join Other Smart Stackers On Reddit ► 📣 Follow me on Twitter ► 📷 Follow me on Instagram ► Nothing in this video is financial advice. All information is provided for educational and entertainment purposes only. Some of the links provided in this description are affiliate links. If you make a purchase using one of those links I will receive compensation at no additional cost to you. Thank you for supporting this channel in this way, or any other! This video may contain paid endorsement by sponsors such as SD Bullion, Silver Botanicals, Masterworks & Others #griddown #inflation #economiccollapse #2023forecast #2023 #silverstacking #gold #silver

14 Replies to “Grid Down, Inflation, Economic Collapse & Silver – (2023 Prepare NOW)”

  1. Any time I see gold backs I get a little confused, the value of them only exists if you trust them. If you try to offer them to someone who likes precious metals but doesn’t know about GoldBacks then they probably wont accept them. Is the gold easily recoverable from them? Because if you can strip the gold and come back with it, then I’ll accept them. Otherwise they’re just monopoly money to me

  2. There are not many options to spend goldbacks. Can you tell me how many states approved them as paymant options? How many people knows about them as currency exchange option? I think in case of long therm power grid down,goods exchange is always a better option. Something like food for clean water,batteries,fuel,medicine etc. Those are extreme situations oc

  3. Yeah, the defense budget is going up mostly because of inflation. They actually haven’t been able to afford to really raise the budget much, when adjusted for the recent inflation rate. What would work best in a grid down scenario? Ultimately, after some semblance of civilization re-emerged, assuming that it wasn’t maintained for a period of months or years, would be physical metals. I think even modern half dollars, quarters, dimes, nickels, and copper pennies would have some minimal value, but they would only buy you something significant if you could provide them in bulk. I think your best bet would be Constitutional Silver and 22k Gold Eagles or older Gold coins that have the 90% composition meant for genuine circulation. Most people would be bartering with Silver (mostly Constitutional), some Gold (mostly jewelry), food (cans, freeze-dried, home-canned, chickens, eggs, livestock, fresh veggies, etc…), essential spices (i.e. salt), services, tools, ammunition, firearms, medicines (both prescription & OTC), and water filtration equipment. If you’ve ever seen the 1st season of the show “Jericho” from back in 2007, it would probably look something like the Blackjack Fairgrounds episode. If you’ve not watched that show, it would be a good one to watch for some brainstorming and psychological preparation for what may come our way.

  4. Dayton Ohio was one step away from Anarchy. We almost had to close down the city. That would’ve been a disaster! No EMTs no 🚓 response teams, nothing. You would’ve certainly been covering that story 😅

  5. If the Ukrainians had not attacked a military airfield in Russia, on Monday, 50+ cruise missiles and 25+ kamikaze drones would have flown at us … Think about it! This is not an escalation, but PROTECTION from an attack!

  6. I think the biggest problem during a short-term crisis is the fact that PM’s, and definitely Goldbacks won’t be readily accepted at enough locations, since the majority of vendors don’t understand their worth. It would take time to catch on. My best guess for a shorter-term crisis is that cash is king, and supplies are just as important. Great vid!

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